40th Annual EAIR Forum 2018 Budapest

Competition, Collaboration & Complementarity in Higher Education

The Forum will be hosted by the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary


Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity in Higher Education


Central European University, Budapest, Hungary


 26-29 August 2018


The theme “Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity in Higher Education” will consist of eight tracks:

TRACK 1 – Teaching and Learning

Chairs: Helga Döner (CEU) and Rie Troelsen (University of Southern Denmark)

TRACK 2 – Quality in Higher Education

Chair: Tatiana Yarkova (CEU)

TRACK 3 – Governance and Management

Chairs: Gergely Kováts (Corvinus University of Budapest) and Rosalind Pritchard (University of Ulster)

TRACK 4 – Social Dimension of Higher Education

Chairs: Pusa Nastase (CEU) and Regina Aichinger (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)

TRACK 5 – Higher Education and Collaborative Technologies

Chairs: Margaret Bolter (CEU) and Diane Geraci (CEU)

TRACK 6 – Academic Career Development

Chair: Marvin Lazerson (CEU)

TRACK 7 – University Autonomy

Chair: Kata Orosz (CEU)

TRACK 8 – Innovation in Higher Education

Chair: Jussi Kivistö (University of Tampere)