Call for Proposals 2019 Leiden Forum

Responsibility of Higher Education Systems: What? Why? How?


For everyone that has experienced problems submitting their online proposal for the 41st Annual #EAIR2019 Forum Leiden, we urge you to send the proposal as a Word document to BEFORE THE END OF THIS WEEK! Our apologies for the inconvenience.

The Forum will be hosted by the Leiden University in Leiden, the Netherlands

General Information

Please read the following important information before completing the online proposal form.

We offer 4 presentation formats for your proposal submission:
Paper presentation,
Poster presentation,
Other format (workshop/panel/round table),
Open Space

Please indicate the nature of your proposal when submitting online.

Paper presentation gives you the opportunity to present your ideas based on research, policy or practice in a time slot of 20 minutes. Normally, than there is about 10 minutes for colleagues to comment on the ideas and to have a short discussion. You may submit more than one proposal. Depending on the amount of proposals it is possible that we have to make a selection of one paper per main author.

Poster proposals are very welcome because they are typically well suited for giving overviews of facts, figures and conclusions drawn from research, policy and practice. They will be displayed in the best position to attract the attention of all the Forum participants: there will also be a session during the Forum for poster presenters to communicate key ideas and relevance.

We especially encourage you to send in proposals for workshops, panel or round table discussions. We want to try to make this Forum as interactive as possible. For that purpose we also stimulate the format of the “Open Space”. The aim of the open space is to bring people together based on questions & answers. We therefore invite you to submit your themes of knowledge to the database. And we invite you to raise your questions in the run-up to the Forum. During the spring semester of 2019 we will create space for this on the website.

Forum Registration

All Speakers at the EAIR Forum are required to register for the Forum and pay for the Forum registration fee. EAIR members will receive a reduction in the Forum registration fee.

Young professionals and academics

For young professionals and academics (aged 35 and younger at the time of the Forum) who are working in higher education institutions and other organisations in the higher education fabric (ministries, quality assurance agencies, etc.) EAIR is offering a 50% reduction of the normal Forum registration fee, if the submitted proposal is accepted.
All authors (including all their co-authors) that are aged 35 and younger are encouraged to submit their paper proposal for the EAIR Outstanding Paper Award. Please tick the box at the end of the proposal form, if you want to participate in this competition.

Important Dates

Submission closing (extended deadline) date for paper proposals: 4 March 2019
Paper review period: 10 March – 10 April
Notification of acceptance: 14 April 2019
Submission closing date for poster proposals: 1 May 2019
Registration opens: April 2019
Early bird discount registration closes 1 July 2019
Final Papers: 31 July 2019

Proposal Form

The title of the proposal should not exceed 120 characters (approximately 12 words) and should accurately reflect what is being proposed. The abstract must not exceed 1,500 characters (approximately 150 words) and anything above this limit will be excluded. The abstract should clearly state the core idea, aims, and objectives and give an indication of key findings, if available, of your presentation. The outline is a “free format” which should clearly state your objective and your engagement with the subject and with the Track and Forum theme; it should not exceed 10,000 characters (approximately 1,000 words).

When drafting your outline, please consider the following format:
• an introduction in which the problem or issue the proposal addresses is set out, and how that problem/issue relates to the Track theme,
• a paragraph in which the background of the problem or issue is outlined (including reference to relevant literature),
• a description on how you approach or analyse the problem or issue (this could be a “research methods” section),
• the results of your investigation,
• a reflection on the findings (e.g. how do your findings relate to previous research) and the implications or relevance of your work,
• a final paragraph with conclusions.

Categories and Keywords

In order to assist Forum delegates to decide which presentations they want to attend, we would like to ask you to indicate the character of your proposal by ticking one or more categories on your proposal submission form. We would like to know whether your submission is research, about curriculum development or an opinion piece. Please check the appropriate ‘radio buttons’.

In addition, we would also like to know which one of the four categories your submission fits best: Academic or a Case study of practice or Policy oriented or Other. In addition please also provide between 1-5 keywords that will reflect the contents of your proposal. The list of keywords will be provided in the on-line proposal form. We kindly request you to follow the instructions carefully. Proposals that do not meet the expectations set out in the guidelines will unlikely be accepted by the Programme Committee. Please do not hesitate to contact the EAIR Secretariat if you have any questions.

Full Paper Information

If the proposal is accepted, you will be invited to write a mandatory detailed “full” paper (including the abstract and outline) of 30,000-50,000 characters (approximately 3,000-5,000 words). The paper should be written on the basis of the accepted proposal and according to formatting rules of EAIR. EAIR will publish all full papers on the Forum website which is only accessible to the Forum participants and EAIR members. A selection of the best papers will be used for the Forum-book 2019. The abstract of the accepted proposal will be published in the Forum Programme. The deadline for submission of these full articles to the EAIR Secretariat is 31 July 2019.


The Forum language is English.

Important Publication Options for TEAM

Interesting and high-quality full papers may be considered the Programme Committee for a Special Issue of the association’s journal Tertiary Education and Management (TEAM), .
Authors will receive a notification after the Forum with further details. ‘Tertiary Education and Management’ – TEAM for short – is the journal of EAIR. TEAM has been published since spring 1995. It is published four times a year and exclusively only for EAIR members at no extra charges. The articles submitted will be evaluated by independent reviewers, the best articles will be selected for publication in TEAM.

From the 1st of January 2019 onwards the new publisher of ‘TEAM’ is Springer, based in the Netherlands. If you are interested in submitting your article please contact the EAIR Secretariat for any questions.

To view the contents of the latest volume go here