What are Monographs?

EAIR’s publication series ‘Research, Policy and Practice in Higher Education’ provides the members with an overview and insight into issues that currently are shaping and changing the sector. EAIR is also making this new series of publications available to the sector to flag up the Society’s interest in helping inform the whole field of higher education. As the name ‘Research, Policy and Practice in Higher Education’ suggests, the series offers both critical analysis and practical knowledge about current developments within the sector.

Members can download the Monographs for free as part of their membership benefits

Please note that with effective from 01 August 2010 the costs of the book version of the Monograph is € 25. We will appreciate if you can email us your order per the Orderform
The price applies for both members and non-members.

Printing tip
If you want to print the Monograph, you can best print it ‘as image’. All tables and graphs should come out then. You can print it as its current size, but you can also enlarge it and print it as ‘A4’ or any format you printer allows you to print.


Nr 1: ‘Branding in Higher Education. Exploring an emerging phenomenon’
Editors: Bjørn Stensaker and Vaneeta D´Andrea.
Print ISSN 1875-0842/On-line ISSN 1874-9844
Print ISBN 978-90-79084-03-6/On-line ISBN 978-90-79084-01-2


Nr 2: ‘Funding Higher Education: A Question of Who Pays?’
Editors: Bernard Longden and Kerri-Lee Harris
Print ISSN 1875-0842/On-line ISSN 1874-9844
Print ISBN 978-90-79084-04-3/On-line ISBN 978-90-79084-02-9


Nr 3: ‘The Future of Quality Assurance’
Editors: Jethro Newton and Roger Brown
On-line ISSN 1874-9844
On-line ISBN 978-90-79084-05-0