Exploiting Data Repositories

The Special Interest Group (SIG) ‘Exploiting Data Repositories’ started in 2006 with its first meeting during the EAIR Forum in Rome, Italy. Information regarding the last two SIG meetings is listed below.


Vic Borden
Indiana University

Urs Hugentobler
ETH Zürich

Helena Lim
Higher Education Academy
United Kingdom

SIG meeting 5 September 2012, Stavanger (Norway) Chairs: Urs Hugentobler • ETH Zürich • Switzerland & Helena Lim • Higher Education Academy • United Kingdom
SIG Title: Institutional Research for Management Decision Support In recognition of the pressures and constraints that higher education increasingly finds itself, the role of institutional research to inform management decision making has never been more crucial. The range of activities undertaken in the IR process is broad and varies from institution to institution and between different national higher education systems. For IR practitioners, it is vital that there are opportunities to strengthen the community of practice so that we do not operate in ‘silos’ but continue to learn from each other and taken as a totality, better manage the quality and impact of higher education. In these challenging times, IR is increasingly called upon to provide answers to resolve questions that institutions face. Built on earlier meetings of the Exploiting Data Repositories SIG, this SIG broadens the discussions on exploiting data repositories and information sources to produce strategic indicators. The focus remains on supporting university management and governance decision making through the institutional research but extends the discussions to include tools, methods, products/outputs and impact.
SIG meeting 5 September 2012, Stavanger (Norway) Chair: Urs Hugentobler • ETH Zürich • Switzerland
There is a growing need at European Universities for external comparative data to support strategic decision making at institutional level as well as for quality improvement at the level of faculties / departments. The purpose of this SIG is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about and share experiences with such data sources. Based on the experience of a few institutions who have been participating in the U-Multirank pilot project, discussion will focus on possible use – and usefulness – of the results for comparative analyses between institutions and faculties, on major difficulties to overcome, as well as on the experience US colleagues have made in similar activities.