Quality in Higher Education

The Special Interest Group (SIG) ‘Quality in Higher Education’ started in 2004 with its first meeting during the EAIR Forum in Barcelona, Spain. Information regarding the last two SIG meetings is listed below.


Jethro Newton
University of Chester
United Kingdom

Alan Davidson
Robert Gordon Universty
United Kingdom

SIG meeting 28 August 2013, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Chair: Alan Davidson • Robert Gordon University • United Kingdom

This SIG meeting was an informal opportunity to network and share ideas with fellow participants who have an interest in quality in higher education. The scope will be “quality” in the widest sense, considering both assurance and enhancement / improvement. You will have an opportunity to share ideas on what is topical or challenging in your country / institution. So come prepared to contribute and/or simply to listen. See it as an opportunity to find out what is going on in quality at an international level, and to network and make connections at the start of the Forum.

SIG meeting 5 September 2012, Stavanger (Norway)
Chair: Baiba Rivza • Council for Higher Education Riga • Latvia

SIG Title: Quality in Education Systems
The quality of education systems is dependent on meeting the requirements of their customers. If we don’t know our own customers and their requirements, we can’t achieve the desired performance. This presupposes that the “products” in accordance with the quality demanded by customers while accepting that only their judgment account in checking services provided. Such an interpretation of the concept of quality requires the adoption of methods and approaches from the “total quality management”.