Over the years, EAIR has established several awards, ranging from awards that emphasis lifetime achievements to rewards particularly related to the Annual Forum.

The EAIR Award for Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education Research, Policy and Practice (OCHE)
EAIR established the ‘EAIR Award for Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education Research, Policy and Practice’ in 2005. The OCHE, bestowed sparingly, is a method of recognising the contribution to higher education of individuals who have had an impact nationally and internationally, through research that has informed policy and practice in higher education.

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The recipients of the OCHE award are:
(Institute of Education, United Kingdom, 2005)
Dr Guy HAUG (Belgium, 2007)
Prof Dr Jane KNIGHT (University of Toronto, Canada, 2010)
Prof Michael SHATTOCK (Institute of Education, United Kingdom, 2013)

The EAIR Distinguished Membership Award (DMA)
The DMA, also bestowed sparingly, is a method of recognizing individuals who have made a particularly significant and substantial contribution to the goals and constitution of the EAIR.

The Distinguished members of EAIR are:
Dr Leonard KAIL (United Kingdom, 1994)
Prof Burton CLARK (USA, 1997) (deceased 28 October 2009)
Dr Kari HYPPÖNEN (Finland, 1999)
Prof Dr Ulrich TEICHLER (Germany, 2002)
Ms Anita AX (the Netherlands, 2003)
Dr Roddy BEGG (United Kingdom, 2003)
Prof Dr José-Ginés MORA RUIZ (Spain, 2012)
Dr James WILLIAMS (United Kingdom, 2017)

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The EAIR Outstanding Paper Award
Every year EAIR is offering the opportunity for young (35 or younger at the time of the Forum) professionals and academics working in universities, polytechnics and other higher education institutions – either in university administration, or in academic departments – to submit a paper for the ‘EAIR Outstanding Paper Award’. This paper should be written as part of an accepted proposal for the EAIR annual Forum.

Winners of the EAIR Outstanding Paper Award:
Ms Isabel ROESSLER and Ms Katrina CATACUTAN (CHE – Centre for Higher Education, Gütersloh, Germany) “Diversification around Europe: Performance Measuring with regard to different Missions” (2017)

Mr Habtamu Diriba GAROMSSA and Mr Yibetal Ayalew MENGISTU (Students in MARIHE programme – Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education, University of Tampere, Finland) “Challenges and prospects of transnational educational collaborations: experiences from Ethiopia” (2016)

Ms Maren KLAWITTER (German Centre for Research on Higher Education and Science Studies, Hannover, Germany) “Effects of institutional changes on requirements for vacant professorships in Germany” (2015)

Mr Louis CARVALHO (Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Osnabruck, Germany) “Merit and student selection: views of academics at the University of Porto” (2014)

Ms Lisa DEGN (Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Reasearch Policy, University of Aarhus, Denmark) “Sensegiving and strategic management in HEI’s: The sensemaking and sensegiving processes of top level managers” (2013)

Ms Lisa DEGN (Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy of the University of Aarhus, Denmark) “Making sense of management; A study of department heads’sensemaking processes in a changing environment” (2012)

Ms Merridy WILSON-STRYDOM (University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa) “Traversing the chasm from school to university in South Africa: a student perspective” (2010)

Ms Yuxin TU and Dr Creso M. SA (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada) “Universities and student interactions with civil society: empirical findings from China” (2010)

Dr Maarja BEERKENS (CHEPS, University of Twente, the Netherlands) “The effect of research management policies on academic productivity: evidence from Australia” (2009).

Mr Lukas BISCHOF, Ms Julie KRAFT, Mr Marcel CARASCO and Mr Jan VOGT (University of Freiburg, Germany) “Community Organising as an instrument for bottom-up quality development at University of Freiburg: a student experience” (2009)

Mr Christian HUBER (University of Innsbruck, Austria) “Risks and Risk-based Regulation in Higher Education” (2008)

EAIR Best Poster Award
In 2011 EAIR instigated the ‘EAIR Best Poster Award’. The winner of this award is chosen by vote of all EAIR Forum participants.

Winners of the EAIR Best Poster Award:
Ms Fireweini G/egziabiher BIRHANE (Education Strategy Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) “Student Centered Teaching and Learning Practice at Ethiopian Civil Service University” (2017)

2016 EAIR Best Poster Award – No Award

Ms Ana GODONOGA and her co-authors Ms Işil GÜNEY, Ms Nowreen YASMIN and Ms Sofya KOPELYAN (Students in MARIHE programme – Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education) “Innovation-related learning outcomes: A case study of the MARIHE programme” (2015)

Ms Sindy DUONG and her co-authors Ms Isabel ROESSLER and Mr Denis HACHMEISTER (Centre for Higher Education, Gütersloh, Germany) “Facets and Indicators for Research and Third Mission at Universities of Applied Sciences” (2014)

Ms Regina AICHINGER and her co-authors Ms Silke PREYMANN and Ms Stefanie STERRER (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Wels, Austria) “How do HEIs leaders deal with multi-dexterity? Research on necessary competences for third space professionals” (2013)

Dr Rimantas VAITKUS and his co-authors Dr Aleksas PIKTURNA, Prof Remigijus LEIPUS and Prof Feliksas IVANAUSKAS (Vilnius University, Lithuania) “Financial management of the university as a tool for improvement of the performance” (2012)

Dr Antigoni PAPADIMITRIOU (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece) “Quality management in Greek higher education: a challenging issue” (2011)