Executive Committee


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is, together with the Annual General Meeting, the main decision-making body. It consists of nine members who are elected by EAIR members for a three-year term of office. A Steering Committee is responsible for business in the interim between regular Executive Committee meetings. The Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer undertake special functions and responsibilities within the Executive Committee. The President of EAIR is nominated and appointed by the members of the Executive Committee for a three-year term of office, and has an honorary and consultative role in respect of the Association.

The EAIR Secretariat, located in Amsterdam, supports the Executive Committee and manages membership issues, the annual Forum and other activities.

President of EAIR

Prof Dr Bjørn Stensaker • University of Oslo • Oslo • Norway

EAIR Executive Committee 2016-2017 & PORTFOLIOS

Dr Attila Pausits • Danube University Krems • Krems • Austria (Chair) – Governance, Website & Social Media

Prof Dr Nicoline Frølich • NIFU • Oslo • Norway (Vice-Chair) – Publications

Dr Ton Kallenberg • Leiden University • Leiden • The Netherlands (Treasurer) – Finances

Prof Dr Rosalind Pritchard • University of Ulster • Coleraine – N.I • United Kingdom (Secretary) – Meetings & AGM

Prof Dr Jeroen Huisman • Ghent University • Ghent • Belgium – Publications

Prof Clare Milsom • Liverpool John Moores University • Liverpool • United Kingdom – Membership & Services

Prof Mark O’Hara • Birmingham City University • Birmingham • United Kingdom – EAIR Annual Forum

Prof Dr Cláudia S. Sarrico • CIPES • Matosinhos • Portugal – Membership & Services

Dr Antigoni Papadimitriou • John Hopkins University • Columbia • USA – Marketing

Dr Juha Kettunen • Turku University of Applied Sciences • Turku • Finland – EAIR- & Forum Sponsoring

Ex-officio members

Prof Dr Malcolm Tight • University of Lancaster • United Kingdom (editor TEAM)
Dr Pedro Teixeira • Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies • Matosinhos • Portugal (2017 EAIR Forum Chair)

Distinguished members of EAIR

Dr Leonard Kail (United Kingdom, 1994)
Prof Burton Clark (USA, 1997) (deceased 28 October 2009)
Dr Kari Hyppönen (Finland, 1999)
Prof Dr Ulrich Teichler (Germany, 2002)
Ms Anita Ax (the Netherlands, 2003)
Dr Roddy Begg (United Kingdom, 2003)
Prof Dr José-Ginés Mora Ruiz (Spain, 2012)