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EAIR News Brill Series: Editor-in-Chief Bruno Broucker

The Cork Forum cannot now take place. However, we suggest that you submit your contribution for peer review as a book chapter in the newly developed EAIR book series to be published by Brill. Each volume will contain a selection of contributions from scholars, policymakers and practitioners in the broad field of Higher Education. The first volume will be published in August 2020 (as a result of the 2019 EAIR Leiden Forum).


If you are interested in contributing to the 2021 volume, please forward your abstract before September 1st 2020 to Dr Bruno Broucker. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Series, and is supported by Dr Ton Kallenberg and Professor Rosalind Pritchard.  

The references and layout should be done according to the Guidelines.

EAIR Books 2013 to 2019  

The EAIR has been issuing books based on its annual conferences (also known as Forums) since 2013.

These superseded the previous online volumes and will be in their turn superseded by a new book series led by Dr Bruno Broucker for Brill Publishers. He is editor-in-chief, and will be assisted by Professor Rosalind Pritchard and Dr Ton Kallenberg. Each chapter of an EAIR book is subjected to an open double-peer review process. 

To receive more details about each book, just click on its cover.

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Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity 

(Forum held in Budapest. Published by Central European University, 2019).

This conference was held at the Central European University (CEU), Budapest. The stylish atrium of the CEU is pictured on the cover of the book. At the time of the Forum, the CEU was located in Budapest, but as is well known, there is an incompatibility of values between the CEU and the current government of Hungary. This has forced the CEU to relocate to Austria where the University has been welcomed in Vienna. 

Under Pressure 

(Forum held in Porto. Published by Brill, 2019). 

This Forum took place in the beautiful historic city of Porto, with the conference dinner in the distinguished setting of Taylor’s Port Winery. The cover is intended to express the difficult challenge faced nowadays by many higher education institutions as they strive to cope with multiple pressures and aim at finding a balance strong enough to ensure their sustainability in the long run.

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Collaboration, Communities and Competition

(Forum held in Birmingham. Published by Sense, 2017). 

The book has on its cover a picture from Sheffield, site of one of the great British Civic Universities - of which the Forum venue, Birmingham City University, is also an example. That stunning new British university building created a fantastic place for modern interdisciplinary teaching, generating interest from all over the world. It won the Design through Innovation award in the 2016 Yorkshire and Humber Region Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) competition and was also shortlisted for the Yorkshire awards from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Positioning Higher Education Institutions

(Forum held in Krems. Published by Sense, 2016). 

The map is full of visual wit that conveys its own stimulating ideas about HE. To the North you can see the Cliffs of Crisis illuminated by the Lighthouse Ranking Tower near to the Ranking Forest. One of the monuments in the forest is the Triple Helix which co-exists with the Ivory Towers. Both are bounded by the Diversification Fence and the Bologna River. Elsewhere we find natural features such as the Funding Cave, Governance Lake, Competition Mountain and the Loosely Coupled Islands to the East. Far out in the sea, away from Quality Beach, is situated the small island named Excellence which rises like a diamond in the Ocean of Research. 

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Diversity and Excellence

(Forum held in Essen. Published by Sense, 2015).

The cover shows the Zollverein Mine, Essen, which is now a UNESCO heritage site and was in operation from 1851 to the 1980s. It was the largest coalmine during this time and is still an architectural landmark in the Bauhaus style. The photograph was taken by Andrew Gibson, then Senior Research Assistant, Higher Education Policy Research Unit, Dublin Institute of Technology. He works with Professor Ellen Hazelkorn, formerly President of the EAIR and well-known for her research on rankings in HE. 

Resilient Universities

(Forum held in Stavanger. Published by Peter Lang, 2013)

Pulpit Rock or Devil’s Rock towers 604 meters above a nearby fjord (Lysefjorden) and is one of Norway’s premier tourist attractions. The shelf is square-shaped, measuring approximately 25 x 25 meters. Geologists believe that frost sculpted the plateau like this over 10,000 years ago: water froze in the cracks of the mountain, forcing giant rocks down the sides along with the glacier. This cover photo may serve as a metaphor for the tensions to which HE is subject: traditional values and neoliberal values. The man is perilously balanced between the two.

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