Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

The heart of EAIR are its members. But in the background, the Executive Committee (EC) is working to accompany the history of EAIR into the future.


The EC consists of nine people who are responsible for various portfolios. They are volunteers and they are elected by the members for a three-year period. They are responsible for various portfolios.

Since the upcoming tasks cannot only be accomplished by volunteers, EAIR maintains a secretariat. It usually has a full-time position and is responsible for the organisation of EAIR. For the time being, the Secretariat is operating with reduced capacity.

Members of the Executive Committee 2020/2021
Professor Christine Musselin

L'institut d'études politiques de Paris (Science Po) | France

Professor Dr. Nicoline Frølich

NIFU Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research & Education | Norway | Portfolio: Publications

Vice-Chair Prof. Mark O’Hara

Birmingham City University | UK

Portfolio: Annual Forum

Research Professor and Head of Research.

Associate Dean (Student Learning Experience & Quality)

Faculty of Health, Education & Life Sciences

Dr. Ton Kallenberg

Leiden University | The Netherlands

Portfolio: Finances & Operational Management

Professor Dr. Rosalind Pritchard

University of Ulster | Northern Ireland, UK

Portfolio: Finances & Operational Management

Emeritus Professor of Education

Head of Educational and Student Affairs

Göran Melin 4 2018.jpg
Göran Melin

Technopolis Group | Sweden

Portfolio: Sponsorships

Managing Partner, Associate Professor

Dr. Bruno Broucker

LInstitute of Tropical Medicine | Antwerp | Belgium | Portfolio: Membership & Services

Higher Education Expert, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Visiting Professor, Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven, Research Fellow, Leuven Economics of Education Research, KU Leuven, Belgium

Prof. Dr. habil. Attila Pausits

Danube University Krems | Austria

Portfolio: Secretariat & Operational Management

Head of the Centre for Educational Management & Higher Education Development, and Academic Director of the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme “Research & Innovation in Higher Education”.

Saskia Ulrich
CHE Centre for Higher Education

Portfolio: t.b.a

Senior Expert Evaluation Methods

Thomas Harboe
University of Copenhagen

Portfolio: t.b.a

Senior Consultant

Executive Director
Laura Lüchtefeld

EAIR | The Netherlands

Advocacy & Outreach Manager
Panourgias Papaioannou
EU Fellow | MARIHE

Responsible for EAIR secretariat in general, marketing activities and organisational development.

Contact Laura for questions about the association, strategic and organizational development, Forum, partnerships, cooperations, sponsoring, the EC, and vacancies: eair@eairweb.org or use the contact form.

Panourgias is drafting the external communications, including social media posts and website articles. Panourgias supports the organisation on key events such as the EAIR Forum.

Contact Panourgias if you have questions about the association at eair@eairweb.org or use the contact form.

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