Apply for a Networking Space

The EAIR - The European Higher Education Society would now like to enable an even more intensive exchange.

Networking Spaces (NetS) are intended to create a platform for key topics.

EAIR supports the Networking Spaces through

  • Providing rooms for NetS meetings at the annual EAIR Conferences

  • Annual social media marketing campaign for each NetS

  • A dedicated member area on the EAIR website

  • A separate menu item with its own content on the EAIR website

  • Up to six articles per NetS in the EAIR Newsletter

  • Sharing information from NetS in the EAIR social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)


There is no restriction on the thematic orientation of the Networking Spaces. It is not necessary to align the Networking Space to the conference topic.

They can be very broad or thematically narrow. For example:

  • Erasmus+

  • European Universities

  • Third Mission of Higher Education


This makes the Networking Spaces particularly suitable for

  • Projects that want to inform about their progress over a longer period of time at the EAIR conference and want to do so in cooperation with participants.

  • Institutions that want to build a network on a specific topic, for example to start joint projects,

  • Organisations that wish to provide continuously information on a topic, a procedure or an offer and develop it further.


Are you interested in setting up a Networking Space? Then apply now, the number of NetS is limited.

Please notice: If your Networking Space is accepted, you have to register for the conference and pay the Forum Fee.

New people can join each year

*Which EAIR support structures do you want to use?

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